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BBQ Grill

Garden Outdoor Barbecue - BBQ Grill

Hand Made Stylish BBQ / Barbeque Grill is now available with Sliding grill feature.
Ideal for: Kebabs,Chicken Tikka/ Grill Beef/Mutton/Fish/Chicken/Vegetable/Buns/Wraps.
Healthy way of cooking as it reduces fats and requires no oils when cooking.

Available in 2 Sizes:

23" Long x 10" Wide x 4" Deep ( Top Sliding Grill + Bottom Grill for Charcoal/Coal )
Fuel: Charcoal / Coal
Ignition: BBQ Fuel, Ignition Cubes
It's advisable to clean and dry the Grill and BBQ properly before storing it for efficient and long lasting performance.